Metals Emissions Updates

9/16/2016 Air monitor near daycare in SE Portland shows elevated selenium
9/8/2016 Bullseye Glass Co. cleans exhaust stacks, completes installation of additional baghouse controls
9/8/2016 New air monitoring data shows elevated levels of some metals near Precision Castparts
8/25/2016 Soil test data around Precision Castparts facility at Johnson Creek show low risks for Portland and Milwaukee residents
8/17/2016 State agencies to update short-term risk levels for air toxics
8/5/2016 OHA to assess long-term risks near Precision Castparts Corp.
6/10/2016 Monitoring shows hexavalent chromium slightly above health-based goal near Reed College
6/8/2016 State agencies use USFS moss data to take air quality actions
6/6/2016 DEQ and Bullseye sign agreement that ensures state oversight of use of hazardous metals in production
6/4/2016 Statement on U.S. Forest Service moss study disclosure
6/3/2016 Hexavalent chromium, cadmium and arsenic continue to hover above health-based targets
5/27/2016 Governor Brown orders DEQ to continue cease and desist order against Bullseye Glass Co.
5/26/2016 Lead levels drop, but hexavalent chromium persists in SE Portland
5/20/2016 Monitoring shows metals above air quality targets near Precision Castparts
5/19/2016 Governor Brown directs DEQ to issue cease and desist order to Bullseye Glass Co.
5/19/2016 Watch the May 19 media briefing on Portland air toxics
5/13/2016 Hexavalent chromium concentrations in air continue above long term health-based targets
5/9/2016 OHA continues assessments of long-term risks near Bullseye, Uroboros
5/5/2016 Air data: Hexavalent chromium persists, but selenium levels drop
4/29/2016 Hexavalent chromium averages above annual targets, air data show
4/21/2016 Most metals in air near glass factories stay at urban concentrations
4/14/2016 Air monitoring shows health concerns from heavy metals still low
4/13/2016 DEQ determines Portland art glass manufacturers must comply with more stringent regulation
4/12/2016 Agencies issue statement on Bullseye Glass’s restart of cadmium use
4/7/2016 Weekly air monitoring shows slight increase in hexavalent chromium
4/1/2016 OHA publishes 15-year cancer data for areas near glass companies
3/31/2016 Air monitoring still showing low levels of metals; health risk also low
3/24/2016 Metals in Portland air samples—and resulting health risk—remain low
3/17/2016 New data continue to show low health risks for Portland residents
3/17/2016 Watch the March 17 media briefing on Portland air toxics
3/16/2016 Agencies set Thursday media briefing on Portland air toxics issue
3/16/2016 DEQ announces new agreement with Uroboros to restrict use of metals
3/9/2016 New soil, cancer, urine test data show low risk for Portland residents
3/9/2016 Watch the March 9 media briefing on Portland air toxics
3/8/2016 Agencies set Wednesday media briefing on Portland air toxics issue
2/18/2016 Agency heads to take questions on metals emissions
2/16/2016 Community open house February 18 on air toxics in North Portland
2/15/2016 Governor Brown’s statement regarding Agency responses to Portland air toxicity
2/12/2016 Portland glass companies to suspend use of chromium, cadmium
2/9/2016 Community open house Tuesday, February 9, on air quality in Southeast Portland
2/4/2016 DEQ, OHA investigate metals pollutants in SE Portland air