CAO Recent Agency Actions fact sheet

  • DEQ Efforts

    Establish temporary rules for art glass manufacturers:
    The Environmental Quality Commission will consider new
    temporary rules to reduce metals emissions from small
    colored art glass manufacturing facilities in Portland.

    These facilities have historically used cadmium, arsenic,
    chromium, and other metals in their production. The
    temporary rules would restrict the use of the metals and
    require emissions control technology to be installed.

  • OHA Efforts

    Healthy Places Oregon: OHA will evaluate environmental factors that affect the health of people, families and their surrounding neighborhoods in communities across Oregon.

    Under this initiative, OHA will:

    • Conduct health assessments in 5-10 communities
    • Identify highest priority health issues and environmental pollutants affecting health safety.
    • Provide information to state and local policy makers on strategies to improve individual and community health.

    Using a protocol developed by the federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC), OHA health experts will collaborate with the public, local health officials and other partners to identify neighborhoods at greatest risk and prioritize solutions. (This initiative is funding-dependent.)