Survey: Settings Risk & Cumulative Risk

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    Public health protection is at the heart of Cleaner Air Oregon. The Oregon Health Authority is engaged in this process to ensure that the process results in regulations that adequately protect health. The word "risk" is used a lot during these presentations—it refers to risks to health as opposed to any other kind of risk. Reducing health risk from breathing air toxics is the way we are protecting health.

    Breathing air that contains a lot of air toxics can increase risks of experiencing health problems. For example, many air toxics can increase the risk of developing various types of cancer, respiratory problems, and can even impair normal brain development in children. That is why the Oregon Health Authority and DEQ care so much about reducing health risks from air toxics.

    Air toxics are emitted by cars, trucks, wildfires, residential wood burning and, more. However, the sources of air toxics emissions Cleaner Air Oregon focuses on are those emissions from industrial facilities throughout the state of Oregon.